Janurary 23, 2023

While the storms of last week have passed, cooler temps will remain with a high today in the upper teens and clear skies becoming overcast by Tuesday AM.  The extended forecast shows temps remaining on the cooler side, however there aren't any significant storms headed our way.  There appear to be rumors of another system sometime around the 30th-2nd, but that's quite a ways at this point, as we get closer the forecast models should increase in accuracy  

Mon  0" High around 17, clear becoming cloudy in the evening, light winds

Tues 0-2" cloudy, highs around 10, light winds

Weds 0-2" cloudy, cold, breezy, highs in low single digits

The next conditions update will come mid week as we look into the long range forecast.  As of right now there aren't any storms of significance being tracked through the end of the month.  We will keep our eyes on the models and see what storms pop up next and might track our dorection!

NOAA point forecast for CMC at approx 10k'

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